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Did you know you can view and download your NOA online?

When you file your taxes, you’ll receive a Notice
of Assessment (NOA) from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). This document
summarizes your tax return and provides valuable tax information that you
should review and store in your personal financial records.

Your NOA includes a breakdown of how the CRA has
calculated your return and whether you’re entitled to a refund or owe money.
Depending on the adjustments made by the CRA, the numbers could differ from
what you calculated when you filed your return.

In addition, your NOA also contains useful
details about your Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP), unused tuition
and education credits, carry forward amounts related to capital losses,
reminders about installment payments, and whether or not you qualify for the
GST/HST rebate.

Just as it’s now common for people to file their
taxes online, it’s possible to get your NOA online as well, directly from the
CRA’s website. This is a great option to consider as you’ll be able to obtain
you’re NOA immediately after it’s been assessed.

To obtain your NOA online, follow these steps:

  1. Register for an account with the CRA, if you don’t already have one. You
    can register online on the CRA website.
    Select option 2 and click on “CRA register.” After answering a few
    questions, you’ll be able to create a username and password, which will provide
    you access to My Account, a secure portal that allows you to view your personal
    income tax information. Initially, you’ll be limited  in the services you can use, until the CRA
    provides you with a security code. If you prefer using a mobile device, you can
    register on the MyCRA app.
  2. Once you receive your security code from the CRA (by giving the agency a
    call or waiting for it to arrive in the mail), you can sign in  and gain full access to My Account, which
    will allow you to view a detailed NOA and other tax documents.
  3. After logging in to your account, click on “View Mail.”
  4. Click and download your NOA, which will be available at the bottom of the

In My Account, you can also register your email
address under “Notification preferences.” Doing this will allow you
to receive email notifications from the CRA, letting you know when your NOA is
availabe for you to view.


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